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Our Story

Our story begins with our family. Our family farm was opened in 2017 in order to produce the best milk in Bulgaria with the latest technologies in the picturesque valley of the Rila Mountains.

The Dobrev family opened a dairy factory in 1994 in Dragushinovo - a village in the picturesque Rila Mountain. Since then, we have combined the best traditions, experiences and authentic recipes typical of the region to create a variety of delicious high-quality dairy products.



Dobrev started as a small family business and became a popular brand for dairy products. Our company continues its development, relying on delicious products, high-quality service, and continuous improvement of our production, portfolio, and distribution. Today DOBREV manufactures and delivers products created with care and quality, guaranteed by the applied high standards and concept HACCP.


In 2011, the first DOBREV store opened in Sofia. DOBREV cheesecake shops offer healthy and tasty products, combined with excellent service and cozy atmosphere. Dairy enthusiasts can find a variety of high-quality dairy products and enjoy a pleasant trip around the world of cheese.


We are pleased to produce the best products because good food matters.

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