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The Farm

Welcome to Pali Lula Farm

We are proud to produce the highest quality milk. We use the latest technology combined with benevolence and respect for our animals to bring the best to your family table.

Our farm is stall free, which means cows are free to move around, eat, drink or rest when and where they want. The farm also provides shade and protection from the elements.

Cozy Homes

We constantly check and monitor our cows. We work with veterinarians who can diagnose and cure illness with the right medicines free of antibiotics. When the cows are healthy and happy, the milk is delicious.

Happy & Healthy

We rely on nutrition experts for advice on the cows' nutrition. Our cows receive the best ingredients in their food. It is pure and simple, just as it should be.

Natural Food


Cows are milked early in the morning and again in the late afternoon. We use milking machines that are faster and cleaner to ensure that the milk is collected in a safe way.

Dairy Stores Dobrev

All our dairy products are located in Sofia and Burgas. There you will enjoy fresh pastries, sandwiches, coffee, lemonade and delicious Dobrev dairy products that are ideal for any occasion.

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